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Day 8: Hearts and Flowers

Well, I am a full week into the world of the ukulele and I feel fine.  Each day I look forward to the time I get to spend practicing, and while I’m not sure I sound any better I think it feels better.

I have worked on a few simple songs, spending the most time on “I’ve been working on the Railroad” & “Tiny Bubbles”.  One thing I have learned for sure is that I wasn’t exaggerating when I said I knew nothing about music.  After logging a few hours with those songs I can almost hear what I’m trying to play. Let’s not talk about how I sound trying to sing along to my playing.

I haven’t had the time to get by the music store to pick up a different beginner book, but I still hope to do that before my class starts in March.  I think there is a store close to work so maybe one day this week I can sneak out at lunch.

My partner has had a little extra video game time now that I am otherwise occupied in the evening after dinner.  Bioshock 2 was released this week and it does a good job of drowning out my twangings and plunkings.

Happy Valentine’s and Kung hey fat choy to all!  Potatoes are baking in the oven and the steaks are soaking up some seasoning.  It’s looking like a good night.


6 Responses

  1. Brings back the times I saw Don Ho perform Tiny
    Bubbles in Waikiki. Yes, people will snicker, but
    Don’s show was a lot of fun, and I loved it.

    Far be it from me to toot my own horn, but if you like
    medieval music, Lainie, Jeff has posted on HU one of the videos I mentioned
    to him recently, a very lovely piece performed by the German
    group Faun. Give it a view, if you’ve the time.

  2. Welcome to Blog world. You sound like you are having fun. Save your money on books and download/print music from the Web. There’s the Moogly Moo book http://www.ukuke.co.uk/moosongbook.pdf and Dr. Uke has a great selection of chords as well as his singing of the song if you want to play along with him — http://doctoruke.com/songs.html


  3. Cheers for you on playing the uke. What is your class in March? Have you seen http://www.alligatorboogaloo.com/uke/tabs.html for some starting songs? These were the pages I found when I wanted some starting music.- UP

  4. The koala video was a hoot, if a little disparaging of you by you. 😉

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